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Oh Yes, Maple Syrup!

By Hazen Reed
Roxbury maple mountains.jpgNew York’s Catskill region contains an amazing resource, one that can put smiles on the faces of children of all ages. Tappable maple trees throughout the mountains produce an abundant and sustainable crop, and Catskill sugarmakers are producing sweet profits from what is quickly becoming the epicenter of the gourmet maple industry.

The region’s unique climate and forestry have created property ideal for maple syrup production.  Catskill Maple Syrup is as pure as it gets. It is an additive-free sweetener that is simply made through a process of boiling off the water from the maple tree sap to concentrate the natural sugars and nutrients into a lovely golden liquid.

Roxbury Maple.jpegThe big season for sugarmakers is February and March, but we love gifting Catskill Maple Syrup this time of year, and there is no finer example of great Catskill Maple Syrup than that produced in our very own back yard. Situated between the delightful Catskill Mountain towns of Stamford and Roxbury is one of our areas’ truly great treats. Since 2011, Roxbury Mountain Maple has developed an impressive local business producing some of the region’s finest maple syrup. Enjoy the taste of the mountains, and share this treasure with all you love.

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by Hazen Reed

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