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8 Reasons to List your Catskill Property this Winter

By Hazen Reed

Contrary to popular belief, the winter months in the Catskills can be one of the strongest times for real estate sales. Many sellers are content to allow their listing to expire, or take their property off the market during the winter months, following the belief that winter is a bad time to sell. We commonly hear from clients things like…

  • "No one wants to look at property in the cold and snow?”
  • “Won’t it be a waste of our time, since no one will be out looking?”
  • “Won’t it be a waste of our time, since no one will be out looking?”
  • “When no one is looking, won’t our listing just add to the Days-on-Market, making it appear stale?”
  • “Aren’t prices typically higher in the warmer months?”

The fact is, there is a strong case to be made for listing your property now. In fact, in a recent Redfin study, the national average for homes listed in the winter were more likely to sell within six months than those whose owners held off until spring. 60% vs 54%.

So, what are the advantages to putting your property up for sale, or keeping your home on the market during the winter months? Below are 8 reasons why you should consider marketing your Catskill mountain property during the winter. 8 Reasons to List During the Winter

  1. Serious Buyers: Anyone willing to brave the cold must be serious about their effort.
  2. Pre-Qualified Buyers: Many are pre-qualified, because they are motivated to buy.
  3. Motivated Buyers: Buyers that are out looking are more motivated to place offers. Did you know that more corporate moves happen during the month of January than at any other month of the year? If a business move is motivating their purchase, they’ll be ready and willing to place offers on the right property.
  4. Less Competition: Housing inventories often are lower in the winter, making yours stand out with less competition.
  5. More time to get top dollar: With reduced inventory available, motivated buyers actually have fewer options to choose from, making your listing all the more attractive. This has the potential to strengthen offers brought. Why? When there are 30 homes to choose from, buyers feel like they have more options. With less inventory, buyers feel a greater sense of urgency to get that gem property NOW!
  6. Early Bird Gets the Worm: While winter can be harsh, there are always windows of nice weather that are perfect for home viewing. AND, when spring buyers do start looking, you’ll already be on the market, while competitors may still be hibernating – making your property the ideal selection for that early spring shopper.
  7. Showing flexibility: Since winter buyers typically must plan their home viewing trips ahead of time, they are more willing to book appointments, which makes showing your property more predictable. This gives you time to straighten up, and give your property the best opportunity to show. You may be able to pick the ideal time of day when the light is “just right.”
  8. Online browsing: Showings used to rely on being physically at the property. But the internet has changed all that. Long dark winter nights are ideal for internet real estate browsing, and buyers have the time to fantasize about their ideal dream home or that wonderful vacation home they will enjoy with their family next summer. Having your property among the online listings guarantees you’ll be seen by these dreamers.

Like printed agent listing books and newspaper ads of the past, the practice of only listing properties for sale during the warmer seasons is a dying tactic.

You will certainly hear agents continue to push the practice of “seasonal marketing,” but if you’re really looking to get the best price for your home, you need the services of a listing agent in tune with current buying trends using updated marketing practices.

The fact is, if you are going to sell, the modern buyer’s online searching habits mean that anytime is a good time to be on the market. But it makes winter an even better time!

Catskill Country Living’s knowledge of the real estate market, use of cutting edge technology, savvy marketing and negotiating skills, and of course our ability to listen to our clients’ needs is what will help you achieve your goals. (Read more about our Seller services.)

Check out our Seller Featured Seller resource and we look forward to seeing you this winter!

by Hazen Reed

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