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In These Challenging Times, We Are Here to Help

By Susan, Hazen, Briana and Jaclyn

In these uncertain days of social distancing, home isolation, work suspension, and school closings, we’re all in a whirlwind. The news is often confusing and it is easy to feel stressed. Making sure you and the ones you love are safe and secure is the first priority.

And yet…we are also able to do things today that would never have been possible just a few years ago.

The Catskill Country Living Team at Keller Williams is working to help provide a hand. As twenty-year residents of the Great Western Catskills, we have a large network of resources. As part of Keller Williams we have access to an international network. We want you to know we are willing to try to help you find answers and aid. If you need someone to talk to, if you need something from the grocery store, if you need a take-out order picked up, we, or someone in our network may be able to help. And, if you need resources to help you and your family explore the world virtually, we have a wealth of online museums, videos and online educational references.

COVID-19 Resources

For those involved in real estate during this time, whether buying, selling or investing, you may have a wide range of responses. Though the current Covid-19 situation has changed many things, it does not change our ability to provide the high-quality services that ensure your real estate experience is not only successful, but the best it can be. While there will be a shift in how we do things, we have experience utilizing technology to conduct business remotely and online. We can help you navigate the various stages of your real estate transaction right from the comfort of your home. Our services are built from the ground up to support distance and online-based communications. 

Not sure about continuing your real estate journey in such a time of uncertainty? Reach out— give us a call or send us an email. Let us share why, even in the current climate, it is still a good time to explore your real estate goals. 

If you are looking to buy a home, but feel unsure of how to proceed now that you’re unable to leave your home, or if you’re considering putting your home on the market, but are confused about how to start, our team of qualified and dedicated buyer and listing specialists are here to help. Our list of buyer and seller services is perfectly suited to support working together from a safe distance and includes such features as:

  •         A dedicated mobile app for 24/7 property searches
  •         360 degree Virtual Tours inside and outside the home
  •         Live-streaming Home Walkthroughs
  •         Private Video-Conferencing
  •         Online Screen Sharing
  •         100% Secure Negotiations and E-Documents


We can facilitate entire real estate transactions right from the comfort of your own home! 

The Catskill Country Living Team at Keller Williams is focused on supporting you. And as members of our community, where we live and work, we are here to help serve our friends, family and those in the community around us.Whether buying, selling or investing we are here to help make the journey safe, secure & effective. 

If you're in Delhi and need a WiFi connection -- Free WiFi Service is available from outside our Delhi office. Feel free to park outside, sit on our steps, or pull up a chair. We are putting all efforts toward keeping you updated on the COVID-19 crisis by centralizing all information, including world updates, local community updates, resources and boredom busters on a dedicated COVID Resources page on our website.

COVID-19 Resources

We hope you find this resource helpful and informative, but more importantly we hope it allows you to break free from the panicky feelings we are all experiencing. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay connected.


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by Susan, Hazen, Briana and Jaclyn

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