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Education Real Estate Market Listing Listing Specialist Listing Agent

How Transitional Real Estate Markets Impact Seller...

Types of Real Estate Markets

Exploring the Catskills Food Health Winter Catskill Culture Millennials

Can You Really Grow a Winter Garden in the Kitchen...

Now that winter weather is fully upon us, it is easy to fall into the grocery store trap, forgoing f...

Feature Housing Innovation Popular

Budget-friendly Ways to Boost Your Home Value

For homeowners looking to sell in upstate NY, the news is good! The June 2016 NYSAR statewide housin...

Real Estate Market

Why I Bought My Second Home First

Many residents of larger metropolitan cities view the real estate market as something beyond their r...

Exploring the Catskills Catskill Culture

Catskill Culture-the best of both worlds

Back in the late 90s, when I purchased my weekend home in the Catskills, my NYC friends and fellow u...

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